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Holiday Party Tips: How to Clean Up Spills Without Disrupting Your Celebration

Posted by Corie Wood

Dec 11, 2014 10:00:00 AM

From last-minute cancellations to uncooperative dinner preparations, holiday parties often come with a number of challenges. Unfortunately, one of the biggest party stoppers is an accidental spill. Whether it's a pre-festivity oops, or a mid-party mishap, a nasty stain on your new carpeting can bring your holiday cheer to a screeching halt. While you can't predict the clumsiness of your guests, you can have a strategy prepared to help you avoid a nasty mark from marring your home's newest area rug. Following the stain cleaning tips provided below can lessen your stress when battling accidental party spills. /how-to-clean-and-maintain-your-area-rug

Cleaning Spilled Wine From your Carpet

A red wine spill tends to send homeowners into a panic, especially when it lands on their white or off white Red Wine Stain on White Carpetcarpeting. While you may want to pull out your hair at the sight of that deep red blemish, take a deep breath and grab a bottle of white wine. Although, pouring a second alcoholic beverage on your carpeting seems absurd, it'll actually neutralize the first spill. Once the white wine is added, cover the area with a generous amount of table salt and place a damp white cloth on top of the spot. Leave the cloth untouched for the remainder of your festivities. After your party has come to an end, grab two or three dry white cloths and gently dab the area until the rags come up completely clean. If the stain is still present, you'll probably want to pullout your favorite carpet cleaner to finish the job.

Oily Stains

Foods, like gravy or salad dressings can leave an oily mark on your carpeting even after the substance has been wiped up. To eliminate the unsightly spot, apply shaving cream to the area and carefully work it into the stain with an old toothbrush. This helps absorb the grease left behind. Once your carpeting has dried, use a damp cloth to gently rub the spot.

Tomato Based Foods

Whether it's pasta sauce, ketchup, or barbecue sauce, immediate action can save your carpeting from a permanent stain. Start the clean-up process by blotting the area with dishwashing liquid. Next use white distilled vinegar to rinse the dishwashing soap out of your carpeting. Once you're finished and the spot has dried, the stain should be gone.

Mystery Stains

Unfortunately, stains aren't always found immediately, and even worse, you may not be able to identify the substance that's fallen on your carpet. Instead of throwing your hands up in frustration, head to your medicine cabinet and pull out a bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and a tube of white toothpaste. Before mixing a tablespoon of the peroxide with the toothpaste, be sure the paste you've chosen is of the non-whitening variety. Finally, using a clean cloth dipped in the mixture, rub the stained area until the mark has disappeared.

If you're looking to spruce up your home's décor before your next holiday party, please contact us to view are large inventory of furniture and home accessories.


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It's All About the Benjamins... or Susans or Roberts or Sarahs...

Posted by Corie Wood

Dec 2, 2014 9:30:00 AM

Money can't buy you love, so they say. What about happiness? Is it really "all about the Benjamins"? Shouldn't it be more about you or more importantly what you can do for others? Whatever happened to "it is better to give than receive"?

New $100 Bill - Santa BenGood ol' Benjamin is not the only thing that got a much needed facelift this past year. What about your furniture, appliances and home decor? Is your home ready for extra guests?

Have you considered donating your old furniture? This holiday season, don't forget that no matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone less fortunate. Let your light shine for others, even when no one else is looking to see your good deed. That is true integrity. Not only during the holidays when it seems more popular to do so.. not to increase your social status.. not even to make yourself feel like a better person. Do it just for the sake of that other person in need. If you want a warm and fuzzy feeling, it is truly more rewarding to give than receive. Click below for more information on donating your items to the charity of your choice and they will even come pick it up!

While money isn't the silver bullet answer for everything, maybe you could give your home a refreshing update and brighten someone else's life by passing on your furniture and appliances for them to love. 



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How to Clean Wood Surfaces in Your Kitchen The Correct Way

Posted by Corie Wood

Nov 21, 2014 10:58:14 AM

Of all the rooms in your home, one stands head and shoulders above the rest as a magnet for dirt, grease, and bacteria: the kitchen. With the constant closing of cabinet doors by dirty hands, food being dropped all over the place, mud being track in, grease floating around in the air, and having kids (in general), the kitchen oftentimes needs TLC beyond regular care. 

Here are some cleaning tips on how to clean and disinfect your wood surfaces the right way.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Because of the types of things that go on in a kitchen, daily cleaning is a must. With grease from cooking oils floating around in the air, and the potential for cross-contamination between foods, counters and cabinets are prone to harbor bacteria. Rule of thumb, clean after every meal; deep clean once a week.

Natural Woods

Glambrey_Round_Dining_Table_-brown_cherryFrom  beautiful cherry dinettes to rich oak islands to mahogany cabinets, natural wood is all around your kitchen. Each of these woods, however, depending on the type of finish, will need particular treatment. So don't just dive head first, find out what the specifics are beforehand, and test on a small part of the wood before you begin. Here are some tips.

- Detergents: Pick a detergent that cuts grease, but isn't full of harsh chemicals. Dilute the cleaner with water. Test in an inconspicuous spot before total application.

- Vinegar: Dilute vinegar with water to remove oils you can't see. Vinegar is perfect for removing films caused by sticky materials.
Again, test on a small area beforehand. Wait a couple of hours for any discoloration to appear. If there is none, you're good to start. 

Painted Woods

Perhaps even more popular than natural woods in the kitchen, is painted wood. Cabinets, tables, andMestler_Mix_Table_Set accent pieces that are painted are durable and fairly simple to clean.
Do you have and eclectic home? 
Apply these rules before you begin.

- Oil-based paints: Because of the paint, woods that have been painted with oil-based paint can typically be cleaned with regular all-purpose cleaners. Try diluted baking soda and water for tough stains.

- Latex-based paints: Avoid scrubbing (and leave the baking soda in the box), latex paint needs special care. Instead try warm water and some all-purpose cleaner. But be gentle!

Good luck and keep that kitchen clean! 

For more information on how we can help you with all of your furniture needs, please don't hesitate to contact us (817)-382-6001 with your questions and concerns.
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Gray Inspiration for the Coolest Furniture Trend

Posted by Kady Anderson

Oct 27, 2014 6:00:24 PM

Gray Decor InspirationIt's hard to say for certain why the color gray has soared in popularity in the world of interior design. Perhaps it's the gentle neutrality of the color - opposed to the starkness of black and white - or maybe it's the way that gray furniture allows the vibrant colors of complementary artwork and floral arrangements to "pop." Whatever the reason, it is clear is that gray is on the rise for home decorating and interior design. Fortunately, this trend has inspired a wide variety of bedroom and living room furniture in the soothing grey tones that will keep your home in style for years to come! Our showroom is full of shades of this trendy color paired with colorful accents to make it easy for you to find your perfect hue. 

The furniture showroom at Sam's is constantly being updated with the Gray Decor Inspirationlatest trends in home decor and fashion. With two furniture store locations in the Fort Worth area, and a vast array of furniture and appliance selections, you'll find the piece that best fits the look and feel you're going for. If, for instance, gray is becoming a prominent theme in your home design efforts, you'll have a wide choice among sectional sofas, lamps, tables, beds and couches perfectly suited to a gray palette when shopping at Sam's.

One of the most popular places you will see gray is on living room upholstery fabric. From leather to microfiber, manufacturers are intrudcing more and more gray pallettes which means more options for you, the customer. Unlike neutrals like brown and black, gray tones can pair more easily bright accent colors in almost any shade. 

Sam's Furniture Gray Decor

Sam's Furniture Gray Decor

Sam's Furniture Gray Decor

Sam's Furniture Gray Decor

To see gray home decor styles at their finest, be sure to visit Sam's Pinterest page at Color Inspiration: Gray, where we feature a variety of unique items and helpful tips for gray scale decorating.

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Your Guide to Fall Decor

Posted by Kady Anderson

Oct 22, 2014 10:19:54 AM

It's here! The season of pumpkins, boots, and family gatherings. With the change in the season comes new inspiration for your home. Fall gives us two major holidays - Halloween and Thanksgiving - that are the perfect opportunity to embrace the spirit of the season! This time of year it is easy to draw inspiration from everything around you...from the changing leaves to the holiday traditions that bring your family together. No matter what inspires  you...create a space that is uniquely you with these 3 easy ideas. 

Color Inspiration

Sam's Furniture Fall Style

Color is one of the easiest decor elements to add to your space and incorporate both your personality and seasonal hues.

Choose a color palette that works with your existing decor or use new seasonal pieces. You don't necessarily have to stick to oranges and yellows to create the feel of the season. You can also use deep purples and browns. 

If you're decorating with the furniture you already have, the best way is to add pops of these colors with accent pieces throughout the room. Try finding fabric accessories like throw pillows, blankets, and rugs that incorporate different shades of the color palette you're working with. For example, find some dark brown throw pillows with orange or purple highlights. 

Fall tones also make GREAT neutral upholstery colors!

Jefferson Chocolate Sectional

Sam's Furniture Fall Decor

Gourds Aren't Just for Pumpkin Pie

Carving pumpkins is definitely a favorite fall past time, but with a little creativity you can use your favorite gourds to create beautiful and sophisticated decor pieces (that won't make a mess of pumpkin guts!) The good news is that you don't have to have amazing art skills to make some really cool creations. It can be as simple as painting a simple pattern or as detailed as creating a custom design. Here are some of our favorites:

Sam's Furniture Fall Style

Sam's Furniture Fall Decor

Sam's Furniture Fall Decor

Keep it Fresh

Pumpkins not your thing? Get your green thumb going with fresh flowers to make your color palette even brighter. Arrangements can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like. You can create festive centerpieces for a special meal or simply brighten up your room. Gerber daisies and Sunflowers come in the perfect fall hues...and you can even incorporate things from the outdoors like acorns or leaves to add that extra pop. Fresh arrangements will also givey you that great fresh flower smell!

Sam's Furniture Fall Decor

Sam's Furniture Fall Decor

Sam's Furniture Fall Decor


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Don't Let your Dryer Become a Fire Hazard

Posted by Kady Anderson

Oct 20, 2014 3:49:46 PM

While your dryer is a handy tool that makes your busy life a tiny bit easier, it can also become a hazard when it is not properly maintained. Unfortunately, a build-up of lint combined with the high heat generated by the machine creates the perfect environment for a fire to break out. Luckily, following the dryer maintenence procedures supplied below can help eliminate the risk of a fire igniting in your appliance.

Sam's Furniture AppliancesWhat to Look For

A few common signs that indicate your dryer is suffering from a high accumulation of lint and is a fire hazard are damp clothes at the end of a cycle, slower than normal drying times, and high humidity levels in your laundry room while your appliance is running. While all of these situations indicate a clogged vent, the biggest and most concerning sign is clothing coming out of your dryer smelling like smoke. If this occurs, you should immediately call your local dryer repair company.

Lint Build-up

You've probably heard it a million times, but we'll take this opportunity to repeat it once more, cleaning your lint screen after every dryer load is essential to stopping a fire. When you do not perform this simple task, the airflow in your appliance becomes restricted, which leads to it overheating. A dirty screen also causes large amounts of lint to gather in your dryer's vent which can result in a blockage and a fire. While merely removing the lint from the screen can help, you should also give it a deep cleaning by soaking the screen in warm soapy water for 15 minutes and then rinsing it off. Performing this task once every two months will get rid of the dirt and fabric softener residue that can obstruct the airflow of your lint screen.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

You can either choose to clean your vent tubing yourself or you can hire a professional to complete the job. If you decide to perform the task yourself, buying a specially made dryer brush will allow you to easily clear out the entire tube with little to no hassle. However, a professional will most likely do a more thorough job, which usually includes opening your dryer's cabinet to remove the lint from every inch of the interior. A full lint cleaning should be performed once a year to reduce the likelihood of your dryer catching fire.

Dryer Mistakes That Can Lead to a Fire

  • Overloading your dryer can cause excessive lint build-up while also restricting the appliances Sam's Furniture Appliancesairflow.

  • If you've spilled cooking oil, grease, or gasoline on a piece of clothing, be sure to wash the item twice before placing it in your dryer. Unfortunately, a single wash may not get the entire stain out and the above substances are highly flammable under high heat.

  • Piling boxes and other objects around your appliance is not a wise choice. Your dryer needs air to breathe and too much clutter can suffocate the machine causing it to overheat.

If you're concerned your dryer is a fire hazard due to its age and its overall performance, we have a large inventory of dryers and washers.

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Furniture for the Real Dallas Football Fan

Posted by Kady Anderson

Oct 3, 2014 10:59:00 AM

Sam's Furniture FootballIf you've been dreaming of creating the ultimate football man cave...we have just the furniture for you!

As a Cowboys fan, the tradition of football courses through your veins. As a team fanatic, show where your loyalties lie with more than just a hat and your favorite jersey! You can incorporate the iconic blue and silver into your decor to show your team spirit. We have created a fan cave inspiration board to help you perfect your ultimate football fan space in your own home. 

Masoli - Cobblestone Sofa

Dallas Cowboys Pillow

A Texas institution for nearly 70 years, Sam’s knows how important it is to fly your team’s colors. With a great selection of furniture and complementary accents, Sam’s has the perfect gallery of blue and silver to make any "man cave" the perfect place to get in the game. Entertain friends with fan favorite couches, such as the Delta Shazam sectional sofa. They're ideal for sitting down with friends to catch the game, or relaxing and watching highlights. 

For a more traditional approach to what the man cave is all about, your palace’s focal point should  Sam's Furnitureundoubtedly be the throne. For the perfect sports watching parking spot, look no further than the Matinee Durablend® Eclipse wall recliner! In the world of living room furniture, there is no piece more perfect for sitting down with a drink and a snack while awaiting the first down.

Show everyone how much of a fan you really are. With so many great options, Sam’s will give you the room your man cave deserves to be. For more information on building your Cowboys-themed haven, or any other home furnishing needs, we've got you covered. 


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Halloween Decor Ideas: Pumpkins, Spooks, and Scares

Posted by Kady Anderson

Sep 16, 2014 4:43:07 PM

It's just a few short days until the first day of Autumn, and store shelves are already being stocked with tricks and treats for October's big holiday. Decorating for Halloween can be a lot of fun, but can also be very Sam's Furniture Halloween Decor Ideas expensive. Rather than spending all of your money on decorations, why not buy a few small items that you can use to create a very spooky atmosphere in your home (and forego the crazy zombie replica in the front yard). Scare and amaze your friends and family with these simple holiday decorating ideas for Halloween.

Scary Visions

One way to scare your guests is to include subtle changes to what they expect to see. One way to do this is by using your picture frames to share haunted pictures. Replace your pictures with pictures of ghosts and monsters that will freak out your guests. Use a dry erase marker to add corners of cobwebs onto mirrors or glass surfaces. Adding small pops of the holiday in unexpected places will keep your visitors delighted and entertained. 

Sam's Furniture Halloween decorating ideasSpooky Lighting

To make your home seem scarier, use dim lighting to create a spooky semi-darkness. You can use colored light bulbs in your lamps to dim the light or battery-operated tea lights underneath or behind decorations to make them look creepier. This works especially well on porch lights in preparation for those trick-or-treaters. 

Surprising Movement or Noise

Many stores sell products that will move or make noise when someone walks near them. These are a good tool to use, and there are ways of creating this effect with items at home as well. You can make decorations that will pop out of doors or cabinets when they are opened or set up a string that will knock something down when someone hits it. This is a good way to get the kids and family involved in brainstorming and putting together these surprises. 

Creative Pumpkins

Not a fan of pumpkin guts? Get creative and consider painting or decorating your pumpkins with different materials. Spray paint or use glitter to glam up your gourds. You can even wrap them in old lace or stockings for a more elegant decoration. 

If you are willing to be creative when decorating your home for Halloween, there is no end to the fun that you can have. By putting in just a little bit of effort, you can guarantee that your friends will be talking about your decorations for years to come. Think outside of the box and use materials you already have around  your home rather than shelling out big bucks for expensive decorations. For more ideas, check our our Halloween Inspiration Pinterest Board. 

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How to Select the Perfect Coffee Table

Posted by Kady Anderson

Sep 9, 2014 11:55:00 AM


So you just purchased your dream sofa...and now it's time to accessorize. One of the most noticeable and functional parts of your living room is your coffee table. It's the piece of furniture at which everything from family game night to relaxing dinner while watching your favorite TV show takes place. There are a lot of options when it comes to picking the table that's just right for you. We have some simple things to keep in mind while you're looking for the perfect piece to compliment your living room set. Here are some tips for purchasing the right coffee table for your living room:

  • Will You Use it as a Center Piece?: You will want to decide ahead of time whether or not you want the coffee table to be the focal point of the room. If so, you will want to choose a coffee table that has a unique design that you can decorate around. Otherwise, you can choose a coffee table that is more neutral and matches a different focal point in the room that you choose. The good news is that you don't save to sacrifice look for functionality. 
  • What Kind of Material?: Coffee tables are made from many different types of materials that you can choose from. It is important that you choose a coffee table that is made from a material you are happiest with. Remember that you do not always have to go with wood, which is the most common type of material for coffee tables. You can choose glass to make the room appear more open and classy, or you can choose leather, which is more modern and easy to maintain. 
  • Shape and Size?: You will want to determine whether or not you want a square, rectangular or circular shaped coffee table. For smaller rooms, rectangular or circular coffee tables work best. If you have a large living room that includes a great deal of seating around the coffee table, then a square one is usually best to help define the space and keep it confined so that the seating can be closer together.

Sam's Furniture Coffee Table

Sam's Furniture Coffee Table

Sam's Furniture Coffee Table

Sam's Furniture Coffee Table


Sam's Furniture Coffee Table

Keep in mind that most tables come in a set with matching end tables. Once you have an idea of the shape and design you're looking for, you can decide whether you would like to incorporate matching decor pieces. Go ahead, click the button and get your shop on. 


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5 Rules for Arranging Your Living Room Furniture

Posted by Kady Anderson

Sep 8, 2014 11:08:03 AM

Arranging the furniture in your home can be challenging since you want to be sure that you make your home functional, but still pleasing to the eye. Here are five rules for arranging the furniture in your living Sam's Furniture Coffee Tableroom to ensure that it meets both of these expectations:

  1. Have a Focal Point: A focal point is necessary to have in the living room because it provides the foundation for the rest of the way that you arrange your furniture. You will want to be sure that you make your focal point appear natural. For example, many homeowners will choose the focal point to be a media center in which all furniture can be arranged around so that entertaining in the space can be made easy.
  2. Keep Furniture Away from the Walls: Pushing your furniture against the walls in the living room can make the room feel smaller than it is. Leaving space between the walls and the furniture makes the room appear as if it expands, which can trick the eye into thinking that the room is large and spacious even when it is not.
  3. Think of Traffic: It is important that everyone can move around in the living room comfortably. You will want everyone to be able to sit on the couch easily without having to stumble across the coffee table for example.
  4. Choose the Right Size RugA rug that is too small is going to make the space feel cramped and cluttered. You want to be sure that you choose an area that defines the living space. This means that it needs to be at least underneath the front two legs of the couch and the entire coffee table. 
  5. Tables at Arm's Length: Both the side tables and the coffee table should not be further than arm's length. After all, these tables are there for convenience so that your guests, as well as yourself, have a place to set drinks and other items comfortably.  

You might also check out these 4 tips to Arrange your Furniture like a Pro.

Sam's Furniture sofa

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