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Halloween Decor Ideas: Pumpkins, Spooks, and Scares

Posted by Kady Anderson

Sep 16, 2014 4:43:07 PM

It's just a few short days until the first day of Autumn, and store shelves are already being stocked with tricks and treats for October's big holiday. Decorating for Halloween can be a lot of fun, but can also be very Sam's Furniture Halloween Decor Ideas expensive. Rather than spending all of your money on decorations, why not buy a few small items that you can use to create a very spooky atmosphere in your home (and forego the crazy zombie replica in the front yard). Scare and amaze your friends and family with these simple holiday decorating ideas for Halloween.

Scary Visions

One way to scare your guests is to include subtle changes to what they expect to see. One way to do this is by using your picture frames to share haunted pictures. Replace your pictures with pictures of ghosts and monsters that will freak out your guests. Use a dry erase marker to add corners of cobwebs onto mirrors or glass surfaces. Adding small pops of the holiday in unexpected places will keep your visitors delighted and entertained. 

Sam's Furniture Halloween decorating ideasSpooky Lighting

To make your home seem scarier, use dim lighting to create a spooky semi-darkness. You can use colored light bulbs in your lamps to dim the light or battery-operated tea lights underneath or behind decorations to make them look creepier. This works especially well on porch lights in preparation for those trick-or-treaters. 

Surprising Movement or Noise

Many stores sell products that will move or make noise when someone walks near them. These are a good tool to use, and there are ways of creating this effect with items at home as well. You can make decorations that will pop out of doors or cabinets when they are opened or set up a string that will knock something down when someone hits it. This is a good way to get the kids and family involved in brainstorming and putting together these surprises. 

Creative Pumpkins

Not a fan of pumpkin guts? Get creative and consider painting or decorating your pumpkins with different materials. Spray paint or use glitter to glam up your gourds. You can even wrap them in old lace or stockings for a more elegant decoration. 

If you are willing to be creative when decorating your home for Halloween, there is no end to the fun that you can have. By putting in just a little bit of effort, you can guarantee that your friends will be talking about your decorations for years to come. Think outside of the box and use materials you already have around  your home rather than shelling out big bucks for expensive decorations. For more ideas, check our our Halloween Inspiration Pinterest Board. 

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How to Select the Perfect Coffee Table

Posted by Kady Anderson

Sep 9, 2014 11:55:00 AM


So you just purchased your dream sofa...and now it's time to accessorize. One of the most noticeable and functional parts of your living room is your coffee table. It's the piece of furniture at which everything from family game night to relaxing dinner while watching your favorite TV show takes place. There are a lot of options when it comes to picking the table that's just right for you. We have some simple things to keep in mind while you're looking for the perfect piece to compliment your living room set. Here are some tips for purchasing the right coffee table for your living room:

  • Will You Use it as a Center Piece?: You will want to decide ahead of time whether or not you want the coffee table to be the focal point of the room. If so, you will want to choose a coffee table that has a unique design that you can decorate around. Otherwise, you can choose a coffee table that is more neutral and matches a different focal point in the room that you choose. The good news is that you don't save to sacrifice look for functionality. 
  • What Kind of Material?: Coffee tables are made from many different types of materials that you can choose from. It is important that you choose a coffee table that is made from a material you are happiest with. Remember that you do not always have to go with wood, which is the most common type of material for coffee tables. You can choose glass to make the room appear more open and classy, or you can choose leather, which is more modern and easy to maintain. 
  • Shape and Size?: You will want to determine whether or not you want a square, rectangular or circular shaped coffee table. For smaller rooms, rectangular or circular coffee tables work best. If you have a large living room that includes a great deal of seating around the coffee table, then a square one is usually best to help define the space and keep it confined so that the seating can be closer together.

Sam's Furniture Coffee Table

Sam's Furniture Coffee Table

Sam's Furniture Coffee Table

Sam's Furniture Coffee Table


Sam's Furniture Coffee Table

Keep in mind that most tables come in a set with matching end tables. Once you have an idea of the shape and design you're looking for, you can decide whether you would like to incorporate matching decor pieces. Go ahead, click the button and get your shop on. 


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5 Rules for Arranging Your Living Room Furniture

Posted by Kady Anderson

Sep 8, 2014 11:08:03 AM

Arranging the furniture in your home can be challenging since you want to be sure that you make your home functional, but still pleasing to the eye. Here are five rules for arranging the furniture in your living Sam's Furniture Coffee Tableroom to ensure that it meets both of these expectations:

  1. Have a Focal Point: A focal point is necessary to have in the living room because it provides the foundation for the rest of the way that you arrange your furniture. You will want to be sure that you make your focal point appear natural. For example, many homeowners will choose the focal point to be a media center in which all furniture can be arranged around so that entertaining in the space can be made easy.
  2. Keep Furniture Away from the Walls: Pushing your furniture against the walls in the living room can make the room feel smaller than it is. Leaving space between the walls and the furniture makes the room appear as if it expands, which can trick the eye into thinking that the room is large and spacious even when it is not.
  3. Think of Traffic: It is important that everyone can move around in the living room comfortably. You will want everyone to be able to sit on the couch easily without having to stumble across the coffee table for example.
  4. Choose the Right Size RugA rug that is too small is going to make the space feel cramped and cluttered. You want to be sure that you choose an area that defines the living space. This means that it needs to be at least underneath the front two legs of the couch and the entire coffee table. 
  5. Tables at Arm's Length: Both the side tables and the coffee table should not be further than arm's length. After all, these tables are there for convenience so that your guests, as well as yourself, have a place to set drinks and other items comfortably.  

You might also check out these 4 tips to Arrange your Furniture like a Pro.

Sam's Furniture sofa

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How to Clean Between the Glass on Your Oven Door, Plus a Recipe for Homemade Oven Cleaner

Posted by Kady Anderson

Aug 27, 2014 11:25:08 AM

To keep your appliances looking new, it is important to properly clean and maintain them. However, this can be a daunting task. But let's be honest, it's not high on the priority list. You might be standing in your kitchen wondering if your appliances are plotting against you if you've been neglecting them (not to worry, we've got help for that). If you haven't kept up with it in the past, you may be wondering about the best way to clean and maintain your oven. Here's a wuick and easy How To to get you started!

(You might also want to check out this article, too: Keep Stainless Steel Appliances Shiny and Smudge Free in 2 Easy Steps)

Most modern ovens come with a handy self-cleaning function. This will take care of the brunt of the work for you (yay!). To clean up what's left, all you will need is a scouring pad, a toothbrush, and some high-powered oven cleaner. You can use your favorite brand of store-bought oven cleaner or, if you prefer to avoid harsh chemicals, try this DIY oven cleaner that is just as effective:

DIY Oven Cleaner
1/2 C dish soap
1/2 C vinegar
2 C baking soda 

Sam's Appliance and FurnitureMix the ingredients together into a paste. To use, apply directly to the oven and scrub. Wipe clean with a damp rag.

There is one place in the oven that is particularly difficult to clean--that is, if you don't know the trick. The glass on the oven door is often one of the grimiest places in the entire oven because it doesn't get the cleaning attention it needs. It is also the most obvious place that people will notice. Why bother scrubbing the inside of your oven when the only place people actually see is still filthy? 

Fear not. It's actually quite easy to clean between the glass on your oven door. All you need is one special tool, called a torx screwdriver, which you can buy for under $10 at the hardware store. Once you have that tool, cleaning between the glass is actually the easiest part of cleaning the oven. 

When you're ready to start cleaning, open the oven door and rest it on a low stool. This will keep it steady while you work. Now, locate the screws on the backside of the door and use your torx screwdriver to remove them. The door will pop open and you're home free! See how easy that was?

Better yet, the grime between the glass is usually not baked on the way the grime inside the oven is. There may be a lot of crumbs, however, so you might want to vacuum those out before you start scrubbing. Once you've gotten rid of the crumbs, scrub off any stuck-on materials and wipe clean with a damp rag. Then, spritz both sides of the glass with your favorite window cleaner (or you can just use a bit of vinegar) and wipe clean.

When you've finished, just replace the screws and that's it, you're done! You'll be amazed at how sparkling-clean your oven will look after taking this easy extra step. 

Voila! Your oven is now ready to go for the upcoming fall season, and you have one less worry in the back to school busle.

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How To: Special Order Furniture

Posted by Kady Anderson

Aug 19, 2014 11:17:08 AM

Most furniture stores (luckily Sam's is not most furniture stores) don't actually have furniture in stock. Weird, right? Usually you go to the showroom, select the pieces you like, then order them and wait what feels like forever for them to come in and be delivered to you. This process can take weeks, and sometimes even months at most stores. Then you have the frustrations of playing the waiting game and potentially having to go without furniture if you're moving into a new place. No fun! The good news is that we have made the special order process hassle free, so here's the lowdown: 

Sam's Furniture SofaWe're not a fan of all that hassle, so we decided long ago to keep furniture in stock in our very own warehouse. That means, when you see it on the showroom floor and fall in love with it, you can usually take it home that day (or have it delivered as early as the next day!). But, sometimes you may need to order a different color or different pieces that Sam's may not have in stock right at that moment. No problem!

The good news is that we have taken the wait and frustration out of special ordering furniture so you don't have to settle for something you don't completely love. If you decide to special order an item that's not in stock, the process is easy and quick. Here's the breakdown:

  1. Fall in love with that new sofa or bedroom set
  2. Place the order either online, over the phone, or in store with our awesome sales team
  3. You'll just need a 20% down payment
  4. If the manufacturer has it in stock, we'll get it to you ASAP!
  5. Have awesome special order furniture delivered to you Sam's Furniture Dining Room Furniture

Some common questions: 

What if I get it delivered and decide I don't like it?

No problem! Let us know within three days and we can get you setup to re select something else or provide you with store credit. 

What if I want to cancel my order?

Just let us know you wish to cancel your order within 24 hours of the time of original order and Sam’s will be able to confirm cancellation without penalty.

How long will it take to come in?

That depends on what the manufacturer has in stock. For instance, if you special order an Ashley Furniture sofa and Ashley's warehouse has the item available, we can get it to you in just a few days. However, if for some reason it is out of stock or back ordered, it may take longer for us to get it to you. We will let you know when you decide to place the order what the best estimated time frame would be so you're not left waiting.

Most importantly, your sales associate is going to be with you every step of the way, personally handling  your order. From selecting your items to placing the order and setting up your delivery, you'll be taken care of and know exactly what to expect. Still have questions? Leave a comment below or Contact Us to get more info! 

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4 Tips to Arrange your Furniture Like a Pro

Posted by Kady Anderson

Aug 13, 2014 11:51:07 AM

You don't have to be a professional interior desinger to make your home look great. Whether you're completely refurnishing a room in your house or you're decorating a new home, proper furniture placement will play a major role in the success of your design. Unfortunately, a misplaced couch or an obstructed path can create a disjointed look, which in turn makes a room feel unwelcoming to visitors. To help you avoid a decorating mishap, we've compiled a list of 4 essemtial furniture arrangement tips to remember when shopping for your newest home furnishings

1. The first and most important step to arranging the furniture in a room is determining the size of the space. Purchasing items that are too large for a room can cause a variety of problems. Not only will it make Sam's Furniture sectional sofathe area look smaller, but it will also affect the overall flow of the space. Using painters tape on the floor to represent the dimensions of the furniture you desire, allows you to truly visualize the layout of a room before making any final purchases.

2. Never block the physical or the visual path into a room. This mistake often happens when homeowners fill a space with unnecessary items. Remember, when selecting furniture it's best to stick with items that truly serve a purpose; otherwise your house will quickly become overpopulated which will ultimately have a negative effect on your home's overall style.

3. The most inviting rooms encourage conversation. If you're refurnishing your living room, consider placing your main seating no more than 8 feet apart from one another. This will promote a healthy sense of interaction among your guest. If the room is large enough to have two couches, arranging them so they sit face to face is another trick that helps create a warmer environment.

4. A common mistake that many homeowners make is lining the perimeter of a room with furniture . Unfortunately, this technique can cause the area to appear lifeless and boring. If you have no other choice but to place your couch against a wall, don't worry, there are ways to liven up the room. To improve the room's furniture arrangement, even when space is a factor, try floating a few smaller armchairs in front of your couch to establish a more harmonized look. Doing so, also allows you to create a conversation friendly room, which as stated before is key to successfully placing your furniture.

Ultimately you should create a space that is comfortable for you and fits your home's needs! There's no right or wrong way when it comes to your space. 

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Keep Stainless Steel Appliances Shiny and Smudge Free in 2 Easy Steps

Posted by Kady Anderson

Aug 7, 2014 1:38:28 PM

Have you recently upgraded your kitchen appliances with stylish stainless steel upgrades, only to find yourself irritated with the constant smudges that cover your refrigerator, stove and dishwasher? If you're Sam's Furniture Appliancevigorously shaking your head yes, we're here to help you wipe away all of that frustration with a few simple but effective stainless steel cleaning tips. Following the advice below will have your appliances looking smudge free and shinny in no time!

Step 1: White Vinegar

Before you can make your appliances sparkle, you'll need to get rid of the dirt and grime that covers their surface. Mixing one part vinegar to three parts water, provides you with a natural cleaning solution that is safe, budget friendly, and extremely efficient. Once your mixture is ready, apply it generously to your stainless steel appliance and proceed to carefully wipe away the solution with a soft rag. At this stage, don't concern yourself with the streaks left from cleaning your refrigerator, stove or dishwasher, all you need to worry about is removing any dirt from their surface.

Also see Energy Star Appliances: Good for your Home, your Wallet, AND the Environment

Step 2: Baby Oil

Now it's time to get rid of those streaks and bring the shine back to your stainless steel with a little baby Sam's Furniture Appliancesoil. However, before using the baby oil, take an extremely close look at your appliance. Without straining your eyes too horribly, you should be able to spot lots of small lines going in the same direction. Those lines are the grain of your stainless steel.

Once you know which way your grain runs, you can start the baby oil process. Wiping parallel to the grain, begin applying the oil to the stainless steel with a microfiber cloth. Next, flip the cloth over to its dry side, and start buffing the oil off with little to no pressure. After you've finished, step back and take a look at your handy work, if all the streaks aren't gone, run through the baby oil technique one more time.

When you're done, not only will your kitchen appliances sparkle, but they'll also stand a better chance of repelling any unsightly smudges.

If you're looking to buy a new stainless steel kitchen appliance, we can make that easy, too! 

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Top 10 Tips for Decorating a Unique and Eclectic Home

Posted by Kady Anderson

Aug 5, 2014 10:34:56 AM

Can't wait to decorate your home in a way that celebrates your unique tastes? Are you a fan of mixing flea-market finds, furniture designs from various time periods, a diverse collection of artwork, and a wide range of textiles, colors and materials? Whether your taste is hard to pin down or purposefully lived-in and quirky, you want to make sure your staple items of furniture are high-quality, comfortable and functional so that your interesting and unique pieces can be the stars of your home! Here are some of our best tips for buying furniture and appliances that will best complement your eclectic home decor.

  1. Invest In Neutrals- Your sofas, sectionals, love seats, kitchen and laundry appliances, beds and headboards, dining table and chairs, TV stands and anything large or bulky should be neutral in color so they'll work well with a variety of colors and styles, and will continue to function as you add new finds.
  2. Have Plenty of Display Pieces- Unique collections and pieces are a hallmark of the eclectic style but clutter is not. Bookcases, curios and china cabinets allow you to display and style your accessories while keeping your home streamlined and easy to clean. Top 10 Tips for Decorating Unique Sam's Furniture
  3. Mismatch on Purpose- The sitting areas in your living, dining and family rooms should be cozy and intimate- areas where people naturally gather. Make them even more inviting by purchasing sofas, chairs and tables that are complementary, but not matching. One of the hottest trends in dining room sets right now is to mix and match chairs in different designs, fabrics, materials and styles to create a compelling focal point.
  4. Use Mirrors to Add Depth- Mirrors reflect light, open up a room, and make your space look larger. They are a great way to showcase the striking textures and shapes in a room.....twice!
  5. Be Careful With Color- You don't have to have to pick a traditional color scheme when you're decorating in the eclectic style, but you do need to consider the color wheel and temperature, complementary and contrasting colors when buying furniture. A bedroom with a black bed frame and board, a dark blue dresser, a bright yellow armoire, honey wood TV stands and accents, sage green drapes and a lilac dressing chair isn't going to look fun and inspired- it's going to feel jarring and unpleasant to be in.
  6. Use Furniture Pieces in Unusual Ways- Don't be afraid to play and think outside the box. You can use a bar stool as a night table in a bedroom, a china cabinet in the bathroom for linen storage, or a bookcase as a coat stand/key rack/mail drop in the entry way.
  7. The "Pop" Factor- Before buying bookcases, tables, cabinets or curious to display and organize your home accessories, take stock of what you own. Be sure to choose the color (black, white, cream, wood, grey, blue, etc.) that will make your items "pop." All the fine detailing and artwork of a vintage china collection is going to fade into a white display case, and won't have the impact you're looking for.
  8. Celebrate the Contrast- Again, survey your most cherished pieces before you buy big-ticket items, Top 10 Tips for Decorating Sam's Furnitureand consider buying in contrasting styles and colors. If you have an affection for Edwardian wood pieces with Art Deco fabrics and rolling, handmade details, buy a sofa, chair or table that's modern and sleek or overstuffed and casual to contrast with your treasures.
  9. Focal Points- No one ever accents a dining table with three separate flower arrangements- the eye doesn't know where to focus and the entire effect is confusing. Similarly, every room should have one to three focal points, depending on how large it is. You might already have an idea of what you want your focal point to be, or it might come organically in the course of decorating your entire home. Either way, buy and place furniture that doesn't compete with your focal points.
  10. Layering is Key- Layering is an effective way to add charm to vignettes of artwork, heirloom pieces and everyday objects. When arranging a bookcase, entertainment center or shelf display, start with larger objects in the back, and add smaller items and often used items to the front. Layer warm, soft blankets over a leather couch or family photos and postcards over a stainless steel refrigerator to add interest.

Eclectic decorating appeals to anyone who wants their home to be a dynamic canvas for their evolving tastes and passions. It's time to get creative! Not sure where to start? You can find one-of-a-kind and mismatched items in our clearance corner with even better one-of-a-kind pricing. 

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How To: Make your Living room the Ultimate Relaxing Space

Posted by Kady Anderson

Jul 29, 2014 12:34:50 PM

Life can get pretty crazy, and it's easy to get caught up in the busy day to day stresses. There are few things more satisfying than coming home at the end of a long day and being able to put your feet up and just...relaxSam's Furniture Relaxing Living Room

No matter if your style is country, elegant, ritzy, or contemporary, there is one true factor that goes into every living room design: comfort is king. The living room/den is the one place in the house where individual design can actually take a back seat. Because after a long day, relaxing on the couch or in your favorite easy chair trumps most other considerations.

Here are some tips for making your living room the most relaxing spot in the house.

Paint Enhances Your Mood

It all starts with paint color. Think about your living room right now. What color are the walls? Would you say that the paint color, if it were to stand alone, would be considered relaxing? Serene? If you said no, begin here. Choose colors that soothe and invoke a sense of comfort: soft blues and greens, muted beiges, warm grays and browns. 

Plants Bring Life

Living things not only purify the air, they add a sense of life to a living room. Don't have a green thumb? Don't worry! There are so many easy to care for houseplants available today, that even if you forget to water them for a few weeks, they'll live on. 

Sam's Furniture Relaxing Living RoomThe Perfect Sofa

We'll go ahead and wager that you have a sofa or couch in your living room. We've heard it's a fairly common feature. But how do you know if you have the right one? It's simple! It all comes down to a few factors.

- How will your sofa function in the room? Only sitting? Lounging? Taking naps? Remember, a sofa is often the focal point of the living room.

- How large is your family? Do you need a sectional? An L-shape? Or more of a curvy design. Decide what meets your room's (and family's) needs.

- What material suits your home's needs? Do you need something easily cleaned? Stain-resistant? Or maybe you prefer chic leather. Don't forget to also choose a color that accents.

Still not sure where to start shopping for a sofa? Here are some Simple Steps for Selecting your Perfect Sofa

Creating a room that beats a hectic day is important to inspiring a home environment that soothes and relaxes you and most importantly, allows you to enjoy your family. A house becomes a home when you fall in love with it...and it's so easy to fall in love when your stress and worry starts to float away! 

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Energy Star Appliances: Good for your Home and the Environment

Posted by Kady Anderson

Jul 21, 2014 2:15:34 PM

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new kitchen appliance to meet the demand of your summer groceries, or want to upgrade your home air conditioning units to something both effective and cost-effective, make sure that you consider the energy rating for the most efficient options. There are a lot refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and laundry machines out there, but not all of them will work to help keep your energy bills down over time. 

The joint program with the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy has helped produce a line of appliances that you may recognize as ENERGY STAR®. When you choose ENERGY STAR® appliances from Sam’s Furniture, you’re making the decision to cut the cost of your energy bills while contributing to saving the environment!

But what does an Energy Star rating actually do?

Sam's Furniture Energy Star AppliancesENERGY STAR® appliances help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use a significantly smaller amount of energy than non-certified devices, keeping you cooler, your items fresher, and the environment safer for you year-round. Plus, we can make it easier than ever to upgrade your existing ones to ENERGY STAR® with our unique lease-to-own program (shameless plug).

Need some more guidance on where to start when you are looking for new appliances? Check out our tips for how to find the perfect appliances to build your dream kitchen

So you're saving energy, and that's great, but how exactly does that work? So glad you asked. While you're shopping, just look for the blue Energy Star icon to make sure that you're looking in the right place. Fun fact: Front-loading ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers use 40-75% less water and 30-85% less energy than typical top-loaders, which equals 10 to 24 gallons per load vs. up to 40 gallons with top load washers.

The average American family washes almost 400 loads of laundry each year. Over the life of your new ENERGY STAR qualified washer, you’ll save enough money in operating costs to pay for the matching dryer. With your water savings, you could fill three swimming pools.

Replacing your old washer with a new ENERGY STAR qualified washer could save you over $135 each year on your utility bills. That’s like getting your detergent for free year round. With those kinds of savings, there really is no reason not to choose Energy Star rated appliances for your home. 

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